This section has been created by Cancer Care to help people with ovarian cancer and their families and friends. If you or someone you know has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer or has been living with ovarian cancer for some time, you may have many questions. The following information will help answer many of your questions about ovarian cancer and guide you to the resources that are available to you. As always, it is important to discuss what you learn with your doctor and other members of your healthcare team.

Your Health Care Team

Learning that you have ovarian cancer can be devastating. Fortunately you have a healthcare team made up not only of the physicians who will treat your cancer, but also other healthcare professionals who will help address your other medical and emotional needs.

Ob-gyns, internists, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, dietitians, psychologists, home health aids, rehabilitation specialists (occupational therapist, physical therapists, speech pathologists), rabbis, ministers and hospice care workers are some of the people you may have contact with. All of these people will be valuable resources to help you and your family cope with your illness.

Upon finding out about a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, you should ask to see a doctor who specializes in cancers of the reproductive organs, called a gynecologic oncologist.

There will be a great deal of information to sort through and decisions to make, but the important thing to realize is that there are many people that will help you along the way. Communicating clearly with members of your health care team is important in helping make certain you get the best cancer treatment. It may surprise to you find out that you have to advocate for yourself to get the best care.