This section is for people who have lung cancer and their families and friends. It will give you information - and guide you to links and resources- that can help you better cope with the disease, and, it is our hope, improve the quality of your life. Because the medical facts about lung cancer are somewhat complicated, as are the choices for treatment, it is good to have as much reliable information and help as you can.

Disease Care

The information in this section will come in handy when you are talking with doctors, trying to understand the complexities of the health care system, or confronting difficult feelings you may face along the way. With a better idea of the technical terms used in describing the disease and its treatments, it is our hope that you will grasp the information more quickly and be able to ask more precise questions. We encourage you to jot down questions and notes as you read this section that may be important to discuss with your doctor at a later date, or print out the section first and make notes right on the page.

Our Reach

While lung cancer is very serious, there are choices that you, as the patient, can make with regard to treatments, drugs that control side effects, pain medication and many other things. These choices will have a large effect on how well you can manage the symptoms of the disease and continue to lead a normal life. Since these choices are difficult even when you do understand them, we will also try to give you information on how best to cope with the emotional impact of lung cancer for you and your family. We hope this section will give you the information you need to act wisely and effectively.